If you own a Wyze cam, we hope you love yours as much as we do and aren’t running into any issues. Follow this guide to learn how to reset Wyze cams in 2021!

However, if you are running into issues, sometimes resetting your Wyze cam to it’s factory settings is the quickest fix to get it back running. Keep in mind – you will lose all of your saved settings, so I would only go this route if you have no other option.

Resetting your Wyze device shouldn’t be the first thing on you troubleshooting list (I recommend power cycling, checking your wifi, or checking the Wyze status page first).

But, when all else fails, resetting your Wyze cam to it’s factory default settings is your next best option. It’s pretty easy to do and can be completed in just a few minutes.

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Troubleshooting Steps Before You Reset

Before resetting your Wyze camera, there are a few things you should check first. Like I said, it’s not hard to reset your device, but if you don’t need to reset it – then you shouldn’t.

Here’s a few things to check:

1. Check your Wifi Connection

This should be the first step of your troubleshooting process. If you’re wifi isn’t working correctly or you aren’t receiving a strong enough wifi signal, then resetting your Wyze cam isn’t going to fix your issue.

Follow these steps to see if it fixes your issue:

  1. Reboot your wifi router and modem.
  2. Check your other wifi devices. If they are working just fine over wifi, then I suggest checking #3.
    1. If using a cell phone to test, make sure to disable mobile data.
  3. Move your Wyze cam to a new location. For example, if your Wyze cam and router are located on opposite sides of the house, it might not be receiving a strong enough signal. Try moving it closer to your router and testing again.

2. Check the Wyze Status Page

If you’re wifi seems to be working correctly, the next thing to check is the Wyze Cam status page.

If Wyze’s servers are experiencing issues, then you’ll need to periodically check back until all issues are resolved on their end.

3. Check for Firmware Updates

If Wyze’s servers aren’t experiencing issues and your wifi is working normally, the next thing to check is your devices firmware.

To check for firmware updates, open the Wyze app on your Android or Apple device.

Next, select the camera you are experiencing issues with. It will automatically start looking for any firmware updates. If firmware updates are available, it will ask you whether or not you want to update. Select YES.

If it doesn’t prompt you to upgrade, you can check manually by clicking the gear icon > Device Info > Check Update > Upgrade.

4. Reinstall the Wyze App

You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Alternatively, you can have someone else in your family download the app and see if they are running into the same issue as you.

How to Reset Wyze Cam

If you’ve completed those simple Wyze cam troubleshooting steps, it’s time to accept your fate and reset your camera to the factory default settings.

Each cam has a little different of a reset procedure, so I’ll go over each individually.

Note: To determine which model you have, flip the camera over. If you see WYZEC2 on the sticker, that means it’s a Wyze Cam V2.

Wyze Cam V1

How To Factory Reset Wyze Cam V1

Step 1: Remove the SD card. This will prevent future issues down the road such as accidentally overwriting footage.

Step 2: Flip your Wyze cam over.

Step 3: Locate the Setup button. Press and hold it for 20 seconds.

Step 4: Wait 60 seconds for the solid yellow light to start blinking.

A blinking yellow light means you are now in Setup Mode. Feel free to re-add the camera as a brand new device from within the Wyze app.

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How to Reset Wyze Cam v2

To reset your Wyze Cam v2, follow the same steps above for the v1, with one small change.

On Step 3, you can press and hold the button for 5 seconds instead of 20.

After resetting, you will see the yellow start to flicker which means it is now in setup mode once again.

How To Factory Reset Wyze Cam Pan

To factory reset the Wyze cam pan, follow the same instructions as the Wyze Cam v2 above. You will probably need a paperclip in order to access the reset button the Wyze Cam Pan.

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Step 1: Remove the SD card.

Step 2: Locate the Reset button on the bottom of the device.

Step 3: Wait 5 seconds for the light to start blinking.

Step 4: Re-add the cam as a brand new device in the Wyze app settings.

Wyze Hard Factory Reset

As you can see, resetting your Wyze cam isn’t the hard part. The overall process of re-adding the camera, adjusting the settings, renaming it, and everything else that needs to be done is the time consuming part.

Hopefully if you were Googling How To Reset Wyze Cam you found our article and it helped you out.

Did this tutorial help you reset it successfully? Hopefully this guide helps!

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